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mushy gay feelings for my gf so hard rn 


Cat Greenleaf chats with Diego Klattenhoff on NBC’s Talk Stoop


wanda is eating chocolates on a couch and trying to keep clint and steve from strangling each other wanda is petting her anxious brother’s fluffy head wanda is snogging robots and oogling local beefcake wanda is getting snappy at people bothering the shit out of herwanda is coming up with ingenious and terrifying hexes on the spot wanda is loving her friends so much but also taking zero shit wanda is having adventures and saving the world and then eating ice cream out of the container and watching masterpiece theatre get it together marvel scarlet witch


*banging my fists on the table* MORE GAY WITCHES. MORE GAY WITCHES. 


Pacific Rim Meme ► [1/1] Team

Gipsy Danger: The Becket Brothers

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“You see, the term “Basic Bitch” and has been Columbus-ed. White people want so badly to be in on the joke of making fun of white people (so as to seem hip and down and to escape criticisms of whiteness, supremacy, and racism themselves) that they picked a group of white people they can lampoon and make fun of, all while distancing themselves from whiteness, a very tragic practice summed up neatly as “White People Be Like ‘White People Be Like.’””

Why I Won’t Stop Talking Shit About Basic Bitches & Pumpkin Spice Lattes by Briana Urena-Ravelo over at Feminspire.

A dangerous & seductive detour from the fight against white supremacy, on which what white person has not tread?

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beep beep whiny baby liz comin thru

me 2 u

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canon gwen:


tasm gwen:


#look i can appreciate gwen as a movie character separate from her comic counterpart #but certain things are just insane #may as well have changed her name bc that’s practically a whole different character we got

wasn’t??? comic gwen not aware of peter parker’s dual identity in the comics tho??? from my old ass comics that I remember she had no idea who spiderman actually was tho??? which would like make a huge difference in how she dealt with her father’s death???????????? 

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